Other services we offer

Some of our clients do not like to handle all of their business meerely over the phone, so we have regularly met with clients in person, either at their home or at our London office.
If this is something you would prefer too, then please call our London office and make an appointment with our local representative.
Should you wish to make a plantation visit in Germany, then this can be easily done as well. We can arrange to have you picked up from the aiport in Berlin (Schönefeld) and drive you around to visit the plantations. Depending on the time of year, you can witness the planting of trees, building of fences or day to day management being performed by the management companies.
If you arrive at 10 in the morning in Berlin, you can visit the plantation during the day and we’ll drive you back to the airport in the afternoon. This way a plantation visit can be done within one day.