About us


Baum Kapital is a German company, founded in August 2008. We specialise in plantation forestry and offer plantation plots as forestry investments to clients from all over the world. To date we have established plantations on 170 hectares  in Brandenburg, Germany. Our goal is to double that number in the next two years with a long-term vision of 1,000 established hectares.
Plantation forestry is much more specialised than conventional forestry. We therefore work closely with forestry experts, tree nurseries and bio-engineers in establishing our plantations and are assisted by several legal and tax advisory teams in structuring our investments.
Most of our clients come from Germany and the United Kingdom and tend to be well-informed investors. We have a close and personal relationship with all of our clients, which is the result of personal phone calls, meetings and plantation visits.
As a result we have seen repeat business from our clients on a regular basis.

Companies that we work with

We work closely and have developed strong relationships with a number of specialised companies, who we rely on for many aspects of our investments. In developing our company and the plantations for our clients.
We actively work with three different German management companies, with a fourth company about to join us soon. Each of these companies has their own area of expertise when it comes to establishing and managing plantations, which we gladly use for the benefit of our clients.

Logo Gut Sandow
Gut Sandow: Founded in 1992 and owned and managed by Klaas Hinners M.Sc., a certified German forester and farmer with over 30 years of experience in his field. Gut Sandow currently has over 1,000 hectares of forest and farmland under management. The company currently employs 7 people. Mr Hinners offers advice and his company is involved in the management of the plantations.
Schrader Baumschule: Founded in 1912, this German tree nursery company, with its managing director Bernhard Schrader, has a wealth of experience when it comes to many different tree species and have extensive experience with Acacia plantations in Germany. We purchase all of our Acacia trees from this nursery company and we rely on them for advice and assistance when it comes to managing the plantations as well.
EQ logo
EQ Accountants: Based in Scotland and with over 35 years of experience, EQ Charter accountants are recognised as one of the leading tax specialists in the agricultural and forestry sectors. EQ has advised us on the various tax aspects a UK investor should consider when investing in forestry in the European Economic Area (EEA).