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Specialists in Forestry Investments

  • Our forestry plantations are established in Germany providing investors a stable political and economic location
  • We offer leasehold and freehold Acacia (also known as Pseudo Acacia, Black Locust or Akazie in German) plots which can be harvested after 10 years. Entry level is at €9,000
  • Forestry Investments provide a growing asset offering capital growth, diversification and a hedge against inflation.
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) up to 16% p.a.
  • Clients can only invest with cash

Investment options: We offer leasehold and freehold forestry investments as medium term high yield investments (10 years).  Acacia investments can be seen as a viable alternative investment for Teak or other tropical timber investments.

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  • Baum Kapital establishes plantations in Germany and sells forestry plots primarily to private clients.
  • Please only complete the contact form if you are an investor potentially considering forestry as an investment.
  • Setting up forestry plantations is a specialised business. We are unable to assist individuals who own land and are looking for advice on plantation establishment, etc.
  • Please provide the correct contact information (incl. telephone number), we tend to speak to investors in the first instance as we provide a range of investments.
  • Freehold investments are popular with most investors, as owning the land offers them several important benefits. One of those is that of security, as the land legally belongs to them and not to Baum Kapital. Should the land value increase over time, which it has over the last 10 years, then investors benefit from that directly as well.

Our plantations: We specialise in the establishment of Acacia (hardwood)  plantations, which we offer as high yield forestry investments, with the primary objective of maximising returns for our clients. Acacia trees are fast growing hardwoods, which can be commercially harvested after 10 years. Once established, specialised management companies, utilising modern cultivation techniques to ensure optimal growing conditions, intensively manage the forestry plantations.

Acacia trees are truly sustainable, as both species will regrow from stump after being harvested. This unique characteristic allows our clients to make consecutive rotations at lower cost.

Our location: We have chosen Germany as the location for our plantations, as it is a stable country in Europe both politically and economically. All our forestry investment agreements are under German law, which provides additional security for our clients.

A German notary who ensures the land is free of encumbrances, notarises all freehold purchases.
As Germany is so close to the UK, a plantation visit is something that can easily be arranged. A flight to Schönefeld airport in Berlin only takes an hour and a half after we can pick you up from the airport and show you the plantations.